ntroduction to 100Biotech technologies (HangZhou) Co., Ltd.

100Biotech was founded in 2011, which concentrates on translational research of new products and technologies for major disease’s diagnosis and treatments. It focuses on nanomedicine technology, exosomes, and novel RNA to provide translational medicine research for the research organizations and institutions in the field of tumors, cardiovascular, inflammation and so on. It is fully equipped with laboratories for design, synthesis, and characterization of nanodrugs, isolation, identification and detection of exosomes, screening, characterization, and generation mechanism analysis of novel RNA, in vitro and in vivo biological evaluation and mechanism research, which can produce innovative results quickly. It has qualification of producing and selling tens of thousands of medical reagents and consumables to efficiently guarantee the implementation of research and development.
100Biotech is a AAA credit enterprise, which has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO27001 information security management system certification. 100Biotech conforms to GLP, GMP and GCP standards, and follows the medical research norms and ethics strictly, while the project management adopts the efficient and intelligent ERP system.

Undergoing ten years accumulating and development, 100Biotech as a research and transformation platform, provides researchers and medical enterprises with the technical supports for translational research, which has multiple new drug research and development pipelines, and set up "100Biotech Medicine Research Institute". 100Biotech runs efficiently with the model of "one research institute + one transformation platform + multiple research and development pipelines", contributes to the advances of healthcare. 100Biotech will take the vision of “Leading Medical Research, Improving Human Health” and the mission of “Conquer Major Diseases”, to create translational medical value for the society.